Ecotrack documents the environmental impact of products and services developed, produced and utilised by the oil and gas industry.

Ecotrack is a new tool and methodology that help you analyze and document how your business influences the environment. Increased awareness of environmental costs and eco-friendlier alternatives enable you to design solutions that are better for the environment, better for your customers and better for you.

Future top businesses are those whose strategy is to merge profitability with environmental and social responsibility. An eco-effort is not only good for the environment, it is also good for business.

Ecotrack has been developed by the Norwegian Drilling and Offshore Engineering cluster (NODE). As world-class suppliers, the NODE-companies are dedicated to innovating for a better world. We recognize the need to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses. We believe this should be done through new technology, higher energy efficiency and more sustainable use of materials.

Our companies, engineers and technicians have provided world-class equipment and services, always rising to new challenges and solving virtually unsolvable problems. Still, we believe we can do better. From the minds that have engineered and implemented some of the most advanced solutions onshore and offshore, we look for innovations that will not only dazzle, but also benefit us all.

Executives around the world are well aware of the environmental costs of their businesses and are dedicated to reducing them. They expect nothing less from their suppliers. Companies that can document higher sustainability are preferred partners and have a competitive edge.

  • Ecotrack ready for launch in 2015

    The analysis model developed as part of NODE’s environmental project, Ecotrack, is scheduled for implementation in five NODE companies early 2015.