28 July - 31 July | | Kristiansand | Open for all

Bringing together pioneering international scientists in machine learning and computer vision.

Machine learning and computer vision have the potential to significantly improve the automation and autonomy of many industrial applications (e.g. offshore, automotive, telecommunication, gaming, and multimedia) by enhancing the operational performance, decreasing cost related to manual operations, increasing benefits, minimizing losses, optimizing productivity and improving safety and security.

The best-intuitive industrial application for an autonomous and automated system is process monitoring, where camera systems can permanently inspect for integrity of process operations. Examples include offshore drilling process and high-yield in metal production without human intervention for safe and high-performance and low downtime industrial operations.

However, many natural industrial environments still present major challenges for full automation and autonomy because of changing environment conditions, e.g. challenging illuminations, difficult weather conditions and the highly dynamic environment, reducing visibility and safe operation without human intervention.

While recent scientific advances in sensing, learning and computing aim to reduce the gap between scientific findings and their practical industrial deployment, the transfer of scientific approaches into practical and robust industrial solutions is not straightforward.

The goal of this Summer School MALVIC is to bring together pioneering international scientists in machine learning and computer vision with both academia and practitioners from the industrial fields on a unique setting for the discussion and demonstration of practical, hands-on machine learning and vision research and development. Offshore industrial applications and industrial process scenarios are examples for the summer school target.

The organizers and participants are passionate about the future of machine learning and vision fundamentals and applications. The Summer School is the 1st event in Norway. Our community of machine learning and computer vision professionals and enthusiasts hail from both industry and academia under the core topics of pattern analysis and machine intelligence

The Summer School will take place at NORCE’s facility in Kristiansand within the Norwegian Southern Riviera.

Registration: March 15-May 01, 2020 (early bird registration March 15-March 31)

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Contactinfo: Nabil Belbachir, Research Director, nabe@norceresearch.no, +47 401 08 137