Standardization is an effective way of reducing costs. GCE NODE is involved in two major efforts to standardize the oil and gas industry.

GCE NODE is represented by Frithjof Ruud (NOV) in The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s Standardization Network, which comprises operators, rig owners and the supply industry. NODE is involved in the network project Identifying cost driving Factors related to drilling and well area, in which supplier companies are to discuss and identify different segments within the drilling and well area where company specific specifications might represent cost driving factors.

GCE NODE is represented by Jan Ole Opsahl (MHWirth) in Standard Norway’s work to standardize the petroleum sector. Different groups are responsible for the ongoing efforts to implement and improve standards for Standard Norway. These groups are vital links between the standardizing body and those who uses standards. It is important to have NODE companies present when standards for the petroleum industry are modified or even created.

The main tasks for the network are to 1) co-ordinate comments to specifications issued for review and 2) discuss and advice cost saving matters relevant to initiatives GCE NODE is involved in.

GCE NODE Standards Committee:

  • Jan Ole Opsahl, MHWirth
  • Frithjof Ruud, National Oilwell Varco Norway
  • Andreas Gjermundsen, Nymo
  • Trine Tønnessen, Cameron Sense
  • Bjørnar Danielsen, Sevan Marine
  • Øyvind Reiten, Castor Drilling Solution
  • Jens Hodne, MHWirth
  • Leif Haukom, GCE NODE
  • Anne-Grete Ellingsen, GCE NODE
Left: Opsahl. Right: Ruud.
Left: Jan Ole Opsahl. Right: Frithjof Ruud.