The Deep Dive for Strategy Design and Implementation for Increased Competitive course is the second course in the GCE NODE strategy program. It builds on the first course “Quick wins”. Supported by your GCE NODE coach, the Deep Dive course enables the senior leadership team of your company to develop and plan the implementation of a long-term strategy that more powerfully orients the company towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

The Deep Dive course consists of four strategy steps:

Appreciating and Defining Success: In the Step A module, working with your colleagues, you will explore the long-term future and create together your organization’s inspiring vision for the future you believe is possible, likely and desirable – for your company and all its stakeholders.

Baselining the Current State: In the Step B module, you will create together a shared understanding of your organization’s current situation and how this compares to the inspiring vision for the future you created in Step A.

Creating Solutions: In the Step C module, you will create possible solutions that will enable you, over time, to close the gap between your Current and Inspiring Vision Business Models.

Down to Action: In the Step D module, you will work with your team to choose the most useful Next Business Model alternative developed within Step C and build a Program Plan to support its effective implementation.

The Deep Dive course is a three half days course and followed by an experienced coach.