Agder H2 Nettverk

Gjennom Agder H2Nettverk vil et bredt partnerskap av private og offentlige aktører sammen synliggjøre hva Agder kan bidra med i en videre nasjonal hydrogensatsning.

ELBE Eurocluster

ELBE ALLIANCE gathers eight European reference clusters in the Offshore Renewable Energy sector, which together bring nearly 1,000 companies and R&D organizations.

FME HyValue

Building on Norwegian comparative advantages, HyValue aims to develop knowledge, methodology and innovative solutions for hydrogen energy carriers to build and support a competitive hydrogen energy sector.

Future Offshore Wind (Fremtidens Havvind)

Future Offshore Wind is a regional collaboration project for offshore wind in Agder. The purpose is to work together as a region to succeed in establishing offshore wind power in Agder.

Geothermal Energy

Identify niches for technological development and market potential in geothermal energy.

ImpactWind SouthWest

The main goal of ImpactWind is to enable quicker development of sustainable offshore wind on the NCS through the strengthening of a common knowledge base and regional research/education relevant for ongoing and coming licensing processes.

Offshore Sea Farming

Offshore sea farming is an industry expected to grow significantly based on new technologies that can solve environmental and area challenges.

Offshore Wind

The aim is to facilitate industrial growth of the supplier industry in connection with the emerging offshore wind market, both nationally and internationally.

Offshore Wind Entry Program – kurs del 1, 2 og 3

Norske leverandørkjeder innen olje, gass og maritim sektor er konkurransedyktige på internasjonalt nivå i dag. Kompetansen, erfaringen og ressursene i form av personell og fasiliteter skal gi grunnlag for å ta markedsandeler også innen havvindindustrien globalt.

Seabed Minerals

GCE NODE focuses on building competence on seabed mining, establishing network with relevant actors in the industry and identification of market and advanced technological R&D opportunities for NODE-companies.

SFI DigiWells

DigiWells: Digital Well Center for Value Creation, Competitiveness and Minimum Environmental Footprint

SFI Smart Ocean

SFI Smart Ocean - Technology for monitoring and management of a healthy and productive ocean.

SFI Swipa | Subsurface Well Integrity Plugging and Abandonment

SWIPA is supporting innovative well barrier solutions for the energy industries.

Sustainability Reporting

GCE NODE has launched a program to help its member companies to get a kick-start for sustainability reporting, including selecting the right standard(s) and approach.


The main objective is to build knowledge on the future generation of floating substructures for very large wind turbines.

Previous projects

3D Printing – AMSI

Additive Manufacturing technology: To enable production of cost-efficient components from Si-based powder compositions.


Access to real time data

A project for how to collect and extract common time-stamped data from top-side and service related equipment and processes.


Advanced Riser Tensioning

- A NODE ART-project (2007-2011) was initiated and established by GCE NODE (former NCE NODE) funded by the Research Council of Norway (contract 175996/S30 under the PETROMAKS program).


Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions

Assure that Norwegian petroleum industries are leaders of arctic and cold climate competence, and can deliver cost-effective technologies and solutions.


Cluster Development Program

Increase competency, innovation, RD&I-participation, business development and cross-company cooperation within the cluster, thus strengthening SMEs.


Composites and New Materials

This project aims on increasing the knowledge within new materials with relevance for offshore use, with special emphasis on carbon composite materials.


Cost reduction offshore contracts

Procurement and contracting are drivers for the rising costs problem in the Norwegian offshore oil & gas industry.


Cybersecurity (2020)

How digitalization requires increased data security, risk management and emergency systems within Cyber Security.


Data Highway

Since 2014, GCE NODE has worked systematically to establish a data highway for integration and presentation of data across throughout the value chain.


Decommissioning / Plug & Abandonment

Decommissioning of wells is a new, big market. An estimated 3000 wells are to be decommissioned on the Norwegian Continental Shelf alone.


Deep Sea Mining: DeSMO

Pre-study to build competence on deep sea mining and identify market and advanced technological R&D opportunities for NODE-companies.


Digitalization (2020)

Building on previous results and exploring possibilities that may lead to major international collaborative projects in digitalization.



Ecotrack documents the environmental impact of products and services developed, produced and utilised by the oil and gas industry.



The project aims to contribute positioning Europe as the world technological and industrial leader in Blue Energy, with a special focus on floating offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.



A European project for increased female participation in high-tech industries.


Future Robotics

Industry clusters in Agder are familiar with robots. Increased use of robots and automation could see more jobs, previously outsourced, return to Norway.



In collaboration with Latvian IT Cluster and Swedish Future Position X, GCE NODE is testing various ways of running hackathons.


Increased Competitiveness Methodology

How to initiate and implement a structured, step-by-step process that will lead to a more sustainable business model and increased competitiveness.


Internationalization Lab

Aimed to strengthen SME’s through identification of new markets for existing technologies, focus on internationalization and review of marketing strategy and business plans.


IT Security

Establish an IT security lab in which companies can explore opportunities, test various solutions and build competence.


Maturity and Level Up

GCE NODE companies are invited to Maturity and Level Up, a program designed to explore how automation can improve competitiveness and profitability.


Mechatronics Innovation Lab

The Mechatronics Innovation Lab fills a void in the Norwegian innovation system. There is a need for more pilot-testing, not only in the oil and gas industry.


Methodology for increased competitiveness

Methodology for increased competitiveness led to the development of popular modules Quick Wins  and Deep Dive.


New Business Models (2020)

Increased competitiveness in new and existing markets through further developed offers to companies within process innovation and business development.


NorTex Data Science Cluster

A project aimed to strengthen long-term collaboration between Norwegian and Texan institutions within data science.


Offshore Data Community

The Norwegian Research Council has awarded MNOK 1 to this project aimed at the internationalization of industrial clusters.



Increased competencies on markets and technologies, and the path into future markets, will help businesses realign from mature and declining markets towards attractive new market segments.



Robotics, 3D-printing and other new technologies may re-shore task that are previously off-shored to low-cost countries.



How to develop and implement new service-oriented business models?


SFI Center for Offshore Mechatronics

Center for Offshore Mechatronics is a major research program aimed at developing autonomous operation and condition monitoring of topside drilling systems.


Sustainable Business Models

The project aims to increase competence on sustainability and environmental issues among executives and technical managers.


Value creation, increased sustainability and restructuring (2020)

Position the region towards the government's maritime strategies and plans for restructuring the supplier industry.



This follow-up project to INDEMP (Intelligent Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Platform) aims to develop mathematical models, software, hardware for fast virtual prototyping of complex non-road vehicles, machine fleets and worksites.