Industry clusters in Agder are familiar with robots. Increased use of robots and automation could see more jobs, previously outsourced, return to Norway.

All six industrial clusters and networks in the Agder region, that is GCE NODE, Eyde Cluster, Digin, Sørlandsporten Teknologinettverk, SINPRO and Lister Alliance; are partners in this cluster collaboration project funded by Sørlandets Kompetansefond and hosted by the University of Agder.

Segment: Smart Production

Project Owner: The University of Agder

GCE NODE Project Manager: Anne-Grete Ellingsen

Period: 2015-2018

Funding: Sørlandets kompetansefond

    May 13th 2015

    Workshop on automation, robotics

    Representatives from several business clusters in Agder met in Grimstad Tuesday for a workshop on automation and robotics.

    December 10th 2014

    Robotics-meeting in Brussels

    Representatives from University of Agder attended the general assembly of Robotics PPP in Brussels this week.

    October 27th 2016

    Future Robotics, GCE NODE at Industri Futurum

    Future Robotics promoted the network and CEO Anne-Grete Ellingsen gave a presentation on NODE’s focus on digitalization and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

    January 27th 2017

    Big in Japan: Robots

    A delegation from Agder accompanied Minister of Trade and Industry, Monica Mæland, on a trip to Japan this week to study robots.

    August 20th 2017

    Connecting with Japanese expertise

    GCE NODE, Teknova, University of Agder and Rice University recently met with Japanese Nippon Foundation in Arendal.

    November 19th 2015

    Future manufacturing technologies

    Future Robotics aims to be an arena for sharing knowledge on robotics and automation. A workshop earlier this week focused on future manufacturing technologies.

    April 06th 2016

    “Robots help us outperform China”

    Business is blooming for IMS Group after the acquisition of a production robot.

    January 11th 2018

    Robotics has never been easier

    Robots perform more complex tasks than ever before, yet programming them has never been easier.

    August 30th 2018

    Increased collaboration between Norway, Japan

    GCE NODE, NORCE Norwegian Research Institute and Japanese Nippon Foundation have signed an agreement to cooperate on research, development and innovation.

    February 16th 2017

    Robotics revolution

    “The possibly enormous future implications of what the Japanese call the ‘robotics revolution’ are only a fraction about technology”.

    September 01st 2016

    Robotics study trip and workshop

    Sign up by Monday September 5 to take part in Future Robotics' study trip and workshop to Ulsteinvik and Molde in late September.

    February 13th 2015

    Kick-off for robotics program

    A new project, Future Robotics, aims to accelerate the southern part of Norway into a leading position within robotization and automation.

    September 24th 2015

    Six regional clusters cooperate in robotics project

    Six industrial clusters and networks in the Agder region, comprising more than 200 companies, are partners in a cluster collaboration project called Future Robotics.