May 31st 2023

Hageland replaces Cantero at Air Products

Jostein Hageland has been appointed Managing Director at Air Products Norway – replacing Tom Cantero.

May 30th 2023

“Norwegian supplier industry not ready for offshore wind”

"Serving the offshore wind market is very different from serving the oil and gas industry."

May 28th 2023

Ocean Ventus explores potential production facility

Ocean Ventus launches complete end-to-end solution for floating wind and explores potential for large-scale production facility in Norway.

May 27th 2023

World Wide Wind receives innovation award

In competition with 3,000 global companies and innovations World Wide Wind, a floating offshore wind turbine provider, received Netexplo’s 2023 innovation award for its wind turbine design.

May 20th 2023

The ship management giant in Arendal

With more than 1,000 vessels under management, OSM Thome is the world’s third largest company of its kind. The headquarters are in Arendal.

May 14th 2023

GCE NODE enters partnership with French clusters

GCE NODE has entered into a partnership agreement with two technology clusters in France to develop synergies within marine renewable energy.

May 10th 2023

49 companies met with Brigg Vind consortium

Potential developer of offshore wind resources Brigg Vind met with regional suppliers in Agder Tuesday.

May 05th 2023

Lister region explored offshore wind opportunities

80 people in the Lister region gathered to discuss business opportunities in the emerging offshore wind industry.

May 01st 2023

20 new areas for offshore wind identified

20 potential offshore wind development areas along the Norwegian coast has been identified by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). See map.