May 24th 2024

Fidjeland appointed CEO of Umoe Mandal

CEO of GCE NODE, Tom Fidjeland, has accepted the position of CEO at Umoe Mandal.

May 23rd 2024

Artificial intelligence is peaking, downturn could be next phase

While everybody is talking about artificial intelligence, companies struggle with how to utilize AI to create value.

May 15th 2024

GCE NODE receives “a world-class score”

GCE NODE was one of the first European clusters to earn a Gold Label for management excellence. This week, evaluators came to make a new assessment.

May 15th 2024

Agder is a hydrogen front-runner

Hardly any other region has more hydrogen projects than Agder.

May 15th 2024

Found supplier after hydrogen expo

Å Energi has chosen Nilsson Energy as supplier of a production plant for hydrogen at Pikerfoss in Kongsberg municipality.

May 07th 2024

How to report on sustainability

A European standard for sustainability reporting has been established. Four companies attended a GCE NODE course that explained the implications.

May 02nd 2024

HMH, SLB attended SFI workshop

A workshop in support of a new Center for Research-based Innovation, drew the attention of some major GCE NODE companies.

April 30th 2024

Be part of Techpoint 2024

70 keynote speakers, 20 events and 10 venues. Be part of one of Norway’s largest business conferences, Techpoint, in Kristiansand on 18-19 September.

April 29th 2024

Financial support for promotion of offshore renewable energy solutions

Small and medium-sized enterprises can receive financial support to promote offshore renewable energy solutions in the UK, USA, and Australia.