January 18th 2019

NEW project will improve business culture

In the aftermath of #metoo, NODE Eyde Women (NEW) initiates a project to improve business culture in GCE NODE and Eyde Cluster companies.

December 28th 2018

Innovations win contract for TTS

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs selects equipment package from TTS for a service operations vessel.

December 25th 2018

22 companies joined GCE NODE in 2018

“Yet another record for GCE NODE! The cluster is growing larger and stronger year by year,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen.

December 22nd 2018

Pitch your idea to Equinor Tech Ventures

Do you have a product that can help Equinor increase safety, reduce environmental footprint and/or lower cost?

December 21st 2018

A lab for business development

GCE NODE Business Development Lab helps companies make use of digital tools to increase competitiveness and sustainability.

December 18th 2018

Digital tools support value creation in SMEs

GCE NODE has established a Digital Innovation Hub for Ocean Technologies in Agder, which has been recognized as a European DIH by the European Commission.

December 13th 2018

Come with us to OTC 2019

GCE NODE, Greater Stavanger, GCE Subsea, Subsea Valley, Norwegian Energy Partners, NCE Energy Technology, Norwegian Energy Solutions, have the pleasure of inviting you to join the Norwegian delegation, Norway2OTC.

December 13th 2018

Be part of the joint GCE NODE stand at OTC 2019

NODE companies are invited to be part of NODE's stand at OTC 2019 in Houston.

December 12th 2018

Equinor: “Need help with digitalization”

Equinor stressed the importance of digitalization at a Supplier Meeting at Fevik.