March 29th 2023

Important day for Norwegian offshore wind

“Finally, we are off to the races! This is an important day for the Norwegian offshore wind industry,” says Rune Klausen, Project Manager at GCE NODE and Fremtidens Havvind.

March 29th 2023

Norway announces first offshore wind competitions

By announcing the first competitions for offshore wind areas, the Norwegian government takes a big step towards its ambition of allocating areas for 30,000 MW offshore wind by 2040.

March 29th 2023

Elkem sees opportunities in hydrogen

“Hydrogen will be an important resource for the Norwegian industry in years to come,” says Helge Aasen, CEO at Elkem.

March 21st 2023

More of everything. Faster.

Liv Monica Stubholt found herself repeating the title of the Norwegian Official Report on Energy which she recently co-wrote, when discussing the current Norwegian power situation.

March 21st 2023

Roundtable session with Brigg Vind

Brigg Vind is the new name of the consortium which comprises Å Energi, Vårgrønn, and Corio Generation.

March 20th 2023

Norsap takes front seat in growing market

Occupying the captain's chair comes naturally to the Kristiansand-based company.

March 19th 2023

Loke acquires deep sea mineral licences

Loke Marine Minerals has acquired deep-sea mineral business UK Seabed Resources (UKSR), which holds a 100% interest in two deep sea mineral licences located in the Clarion Pacific Ocean.

March 18th 2023

Protected: Presentations from Science Meets Industry: Offshore Wind 2023

Password protected article containing presentations from the event Science Meets Industry: Offshore Wind 2023. Participants have received a password via e-mail.

March 12th 2023

Global players join GCE NODE

Several global players are among the seven new cluster participants accepted by the GCE NODE Board of Directors.