October 21st 2020

Discussed financial support package

In a series of meetings, politicians from Agder, GCE NODE and the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association discussed the Covid-19 financial support package for the oil and gas industry.

October 09th 2020

Looking for quick wins

“We are here to further grow our business,” says Hans Eirik Onarheim, CEO at Globetech, one of five companies attending a Quick Wins course in Kristiansand.

October 01st 2020

“A digital hour well spent“

“A quick and useful run-through of digital tools which can, if used correctly, make things easier for us,” says Christian von der Ohe, Chief Science Officer at Castor Drilling Solutions.

October 01st 2020

Looking for companies to join offshore wind research center

Plans for an offshore wind research center provides exciting opportunities for GCE NODE companies.

October 01st 2020

Sign up for gender equality certification

GCE NODE companies are encouraged to sign up for the second round of gender equality certification, starting in October.

September 28th 2020

Geothermal energy market is growing

Driven by Turkey, and supported by Iceland and Italy, there are now 130 geothermal electricity plants in Europe.

September 28th 2020

Students are looking for industry projects

Students at the University of Agder are looking for industry projects and are willing to spend 1,500 to 2,000 hours on them – for free.

September 27th 2020

Position open: RD&I Manager

GCE NODE is looking to hire a Manager of Research, Development and Innovation. Apply by October 15.

September 23rd 2020

Red Rock presents 3D compensated crane

Red Rock Marine reports successful test of a 3D compensated crane for the offshore wind market.