March 10th 2023

Discovering untapped energy resources

Without geothermal energy, the world has a limited chance of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

March 08th 2023

How to receive public funding

It is worth a lot, literally, to learn more about the Norwegian public funding schemes. Learn all you need to know in a webinar on 15 March.

February 24th 2023

Hydrogen boom fuels composite success

High-pressure gas vessel producer Umoe Advanced Composites has increased revenues by a factor of six in just five years – and is still growing.

February 22nd 2023

How to safeguard production systems

As more and more data is shared on the Internet, industries need to step up protection measures of their operational networks.

February 17th 2023

Where 52 companies were born

In an environment that has birthed 52 companies, serial entrepreneur Tor Arne Hauge welcomed GCE NODE participants to a breakfast meeting at the Otechos headquarters in Tvedestrand.

February 14th 2023

200 attended diversified energy conference

A strong field of speakers took the stage at Sørlandets Energikonferanse to talk about energy security, oil and gas and renewables.

February 13th 2023

Ready to explore seabed minerals on the NCS

At a recent meeting at Seabed Solutions, the company showcased their technology relevant for seabed mineral exploration and excavation.

February 06th 2023

Equinor, Hydro on cable fact-finding mission

With the license to build offshore wind farms in Norway comes the responsibility to transport the energy to the mainland. Equinor and Hydro travelled to Kvinesdal to learn more about cables.

February 01st 2023

Protected: Presentations from Sørlandets Energikonferanse

Presentations from Sørlandets Energikonferanse 2023 are now available for conference participants. The required password has been sent to all participants.