August 30th

The final NorTex workshop (for now)

A data integration workshop in Stavanger, on the final day of ONS, was also the final workshop of the NorTex Data Science Cluster project.

August 30th

Blockchain for secure sharing of data

“Smart contracts and blockchain technology can enable trust and multi-level data sharing”, says professor at University of Stavanger.

August 30th

The solution to your problem may very well be in the other guy’s toolkit

Competence and technology from the oil and gas sector could improve medical procedures.

August 30th

Increased collaboration between Norway, Japan

GCE NODE, NORCE Norwegian Research Institute and Japanese Nippon Foundation have signed an agreement to cooperate on research, development and innovation.

August 29th

A global meeting point

Delegations from Brazil, Australia, Canada and Japan visit the GCE NODE stand at ONS this week.

August 29th

Agder delegation visited ONS

The top political and administrative level of several cities and both counties in the Agder region concluded a two-day visit to ONS Wednesday.

August 28th

Equinor considers floating wind farm in Norway

GCE NODE companies are well positioned to contribute to Equinor’s plans to build a floating wind farm on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

August 28th

“We are ready!”

GCE NODE companies are ready to contribute to Equinor's plans for a floating wind farm. Some have already been part of a similar Equinor project.

August 27th

Great opening day at ONS

ONS was buzzing with people and optimism on its opening day in Stavanger.