December 29th 2023

NOV opens test center

Drill floor robotics and the energy-saving PowerBlade are the two cornerstones of the new NOV Test Center.

December 28th 2023

Looking forward to offshore wind auction

In February, the first Norwegian offshore wind license will be auctioned off. “I expect there will be bids,” says Rune Klausen, Project Manager at Fremtidens Havvind.

December 27th 2023

Building team at National Competence Center for Offshore Wind

The National Competence Center for Offshore Wind, initiated by GCE NODE and Kristiansand Municipality, has filled four positions.

December 21st 2023

Welcome to GCE NODE

GCE NODE welcomed 18 new cluster participants in 2023, including world-leading advisory firms.

December 19th 2023

Awarded their largest contract ever

Einar Øgrey Farsund has been awarded a contract for the delivery of four substations for offshore wind farms.

December 14th 2023

Nekkar-led consortium awarded NOK 75 million research and innovation grant

A project consortium headed by Nekkar has been awarded a research and innovation grant of NOK 75.2 million, through the Norwegian government’s Green Platform Initiative.

December 13th 2023

Start-up signed flare gas agreement at COP28

The Norwegian start-up Earth Wind & Power (EWP) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indonesian state oil company to jointly plan and execute Gas-to-Data projects to mitigate gas flaring in Indonesia.

December 10th 2023

New GCE NODE participant

StrateGaia has been accepted as a new participant of the GCE NODE cluster.

December 06th 2023

Securing safe landings for maritime drones

Tech-company STABLE receives NOK 6 million together with NORCE and other companies to develop a platform for autonomous drones for offshore wind service missions.