November 30th 2023

Changing the shape of lifeboat market

By challenging traditional lifeboat design, VIKING Norsafe responds to industry demand for space- and weight-saving boats for typical crew capacities.

November 30th 2023

Offering a new offshore wind study program

A new offshore wind study program for professionals and fresh graduates is offered by the University of Agder, GCE NODE, Equinor, and Windport.

November 25th 2023

Surveying managers on route to new strategy

GCE NODE is defining its new strategy. At the Top Leader Forum in Kristiansand this week, 80 managers from cluster companies provided input.

November 25th 2023

The mistake of searching for your own kind

“Playing it safe and hiring people with the same background as yourself, will not contribute to a diverse workplace”.

November 24th 2023

Talking hydrogen in Brussels

Attracting foreign companies to Agder and encouraging Agder companies to explore European markets. The Agder delegation was on a mission when attending the EU Hydrogen Week in Brussels.

November 18th 2023

Accelerating Norwegian exports

More companies should be aware of and utilize the services Eksfin can offer to support and grow Norwegian exports.

November 17th 2023

Intruders on a mission

They like to break things and sneak into your systems. Fortunately, they are the good guys.

November 14th 2023

10 SMEs will receive support for training

10 European SMEs will receive financial support of up to 13,500 euros from ELBE Eurocluster for training services within three modules.

November 04th 2023

Offshore wind, other industries must coexist

The offshore wind industry should prepare to share ocean space with other industries, such as fish farming, seaweed growing, and wave power.