April 16th 2022

Discounted tickets for Oslo Business Forum

Yuval Noah Harari, Amy Edmondson and Steve Wozniak are the top speakers at Oslo Business Forum in September. GCE NODE companies are eligible for discounted online tickets.

April 06th 2022

GCE NODE, ONS share stand at OTC

GCE NODE and the organization behind the oil and gas expo in Stavanger, ONS, share a stand located in the Norwegian pavilion at OTC 2022 in Houston.

April 03rd 2022

Magnora Offshore Wind’s key decisions behind the winning ScotWind bid

Magnora Offshore Wind came out as a winner in the ScotWind offshore wind licensing round earlier this year. CEO Kristin Gjertsen talks about the successful bid.

March 28th 2022

Discussing seabed minerals

Participants from GCE NODE and Eyde Cluster recently met to discuss technology and explore opportunities within the field of seabed minerals.

March 27th 2022

Agder Cyber Security Forum is established

There has perhaps never been a more relevant time to establish a new cyber security forum.

March 23rd 2022

Apply for travel support for OTC 2022

GCE NODE is offering NOK 15,000 in travel support for up to six cluster companies participating in the Agder OTC program and the Norway2OTC 2022 delegation to Houston.

March 20th 2022

HMH looking to expand

“We will be a very different company in two years. Based on a history of buying companies and growth, we will have grown and expanded,” says Pete Miller.

March 19th 2022

Politicians, companies traveling to WindEurope event in Bilbao

The Agder delegation to the WindEurope Annual Event in Bilbao will comprise businesses and organizations.

March 09th 2022

Career Day attracted lots of students

The first physical Career Day since 2020 at the University of Agder, Grimstad Campus, attracted a huge crowd and several GCE NODE companies.