September 29th 2021

Big plans for offshore wind development

The supplier industry in Agder came out to learn more about a consortium with big plans for offshore wind development.

September 16th 2021

Oil and gas investments will increase

Investments in oil and gas are estimated to increase by USD 30 billion from 2021 to 2025, far more than investments in offshore wind.

September 15th 2021

Four GCE NODE participants receive funding from Green Platform Initiative

GCE NODE participants Agder Energi, Global Ocean Technology, NORCE and Origo Solutions are part of three different consortiums which have received financial support through the Green Platform Initiative.

September 15th 2021

How to scale globally

A program designed to help companies develop strategy and network to scale business globally, starts in October. GCE NODE companies are invited to participate.

September 09th 2021

Get into fixed offshore wind now!

“Business opportunities are enormous. Do not wait for floating offshore wind to mature, get into fixed offshore wind now!”

September 07th 2021

Pleased to attend breakfast meetings

A new series of GCE NODE Breakfast Meetings is well under way. 25 people started their day at Pioneer Robotics and cDynamics in Kristiansand Tuesday.

September 02nd 2021

Renewable energy below our feet

By tapping into the vast energy source located kilometers below the Earth’s surface, production of renewable energy could accelerate.

August 17th 2021

“Capitalism is changing fast”

Companies need to define their purpose, shareholders have more power and sustainability is on everyone’s lips.

August 17th 2021

Global energy demand keeps growing

Energy demand is growing, and emissions are rising. However, the supply side is also growing, and no-carbon solutions are being developed.