January 09th 2023

Could you use a student intern?

Students from the University of Agder are ready to make a change in the business sector.

January 09th 2023

Improve your negotiating skills

Business negotiations can be challenging. GCE NODE offers a chance to enhance personal negotiating techniques. Sign up today!

January 06th 2023

Exploring the use of aluminium in floating wind turbines

World Wide Wind and Hydro sign Letter of Intent for the use of aluminium in offshore floating wind turbines.

December 21st 2022

HMH granted millions for technology project

HMH receives NOK 13.7 million from The Research Council of Norway to test a new Rotary Control Device (RCD) unit.

December 17th 2022

Bergsvik appointed CEO of HMH

Eirik Bergsvik takes over as CEO of HMH when Pete Miller steps down.

December 15th 2022

“Offshore drilling is back!”

Great news for offshore drilling suppliers at a rig market seminar in Kristiansand: The market is strong and the 2023 outlook is very positive.

December 06th 2022

Pleased with offshore wind licensing criteria

Minutes after the framework for the Norwegian offshore licensing round was announced, 100 people gathered for an offshore wind lunch in Kristiansand.

December 05th 2022

Equinor joins GCE NODE

Norwegian offshore wind development has led Equinor to join the GCE NODE cluster.

November 28th 2022

Running offshore tests in Southern France

GCE NODE found several familiar logos on models in a test facility for offshore installations in Southern France.