NODE Eyde Women (NEW) is looking for candidates for its Steering Committee. Here is your chance to get more involved in a great industry network.

NODE Eyde Women is a strategic project to enhance women in hard-hat companies in the southern parts of Norway. The project is initiated and supported by GCE NODE and the Eyde Cluster.

In a few months, the next Steering Committee will be elected. NEW is looking for candidates to contribute to the development of the network.

NEW is looking for candidates experienced in communications, traditional media and social media – someone who can help NEW reach even more people, and those interested in organizing professional and social gatherings.

NEW aims to promote women in the offshore, process, manufacturing and energy related industries, to advance female leaders, to increase the knowledge about women in hard-hat jobs, and to offer a network of female professionals.

These have a seat on the current NEW Steering Committee: Siw Håtveit Wik (Elkem, Head of Committee), Lene Merethe Liodden (Mechatronics Innovation Lab), Yngvild Lauvås Stormoen (Capgemini), Anette Olsen (Telenor Maritime), Elisabeth Meidel (Morrow), Kristine Fuller-Gee (Eyde Cluster) and Ann Marchioro (GCE NODE).

Make your interest known before 10 May by filling out this form.