Funding instruments

GCE NODE has experts on these instruments available. Please contact RD&I Manager Marit Dolmen for further information. You may also contact Siren M. Neset (The Research Council of Norway) and Rita Schage (Innovation Norway) for further information and assistance.


News from Norwegian Funding Instruments 2024 – presentations and recording from the webinar held March 1, 2024.



LINK: Facts and figures about research in Norway 2016


  • Petromaks2: Petroleum and oil & gas research
  • EnergiX: Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Maroff: Maritime and offshore research
  • BIA: Research projects for users (industry)
  • IKTPLUSS: ICT-related research in a wide perspective
  • DEMO2000: Profitable development of the petroleum resources of the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • HAVBRUK: Economically, environmentally and socially sustainable growth in Norwegian aquaculture
  • Climit: CCS technology
  • SkatteFUNN: Tax incentive program for RD&I projects

List of all RCN programs

List of calls for proposals from RCN programs


Innovation Norway
: Individual programs, contact IN advisors

Innovation Loans: 1.2 billion NOK for SMEs (Norwegian text)


Other regional, national and international funding sources:


  • LEIT ICT: ICT, Robotics, Photonics, WSN, networks. (Research and Innovation Actions)
  • LEIT NMBP: Materials, new production, bio-tech. (Research and Innovation Actions)
  • SC3 ENERGY: Renewables, energy efficiency, smart cities. (Research and Innovation Actions)
  • SC2 BIOECONOMY: Blue Growth, bio-tech, maritime, food. (Research and Innovation Actions)
  • Fast Track to Innovation (FTI): Open innovation programme, not only SMEs. (Innovation Actions)
  • SME Instrument: SME Innovation programme. (Innovation Actions)