March 11th 2024

Next-generation tests to develop resilient materials for offshore renewable energy

The MORE project, established to develop the next generation marine materials for resilient offshore renewable energy devices, has received funding from the Clean Energy Transition Partnership program and its national funding partners.

March 05th 2024

Fidjeland will lead Fremtidens Havvind

Tom Fidjeland takes over as Project Manager of Fremtidens Havvind following the appointment of Rune Klausen as CEO of the National Competence Center for Offshore Wind.

March 05th 2024

China dominates offshore wind, Europe will catch up

China has more than half of the global offshore wind production capacity, which has surpassed 70 GW.

March 04th 2024

Like a mosquito on a nude beach

Norway has tremendous opportunities within offshore wind.

March 04th 2024

Max size of offshore wind turbines: 25MW

A new research project suggests that 25MW is the maximum size of offshore wind turbines. Still, the researcher would not bet on it.

March 04th 2024

Protected: Presentations from Science Meets Industry: Offshore Wind 2024

Download the presentations from the 2024 edition of Science Meets Industry: Offshore Wind.

March 04th 2024

Klausen appointed CEO of competence center

Rune Klausen is appointed CEO of the National Competence Center for Offshore Wind as of 1 March.

February 28th 2024

Kristiansand-Oslo could be pioneering route for hydrogen powered airplanes

On route to emission-free flights, Kristiansand could become the first Norwegian airport to land a hydrogen powered passenger aircraft.

February 22nd 2024

Å Energi explores hydrogen opportunities

Starting with a pilot production facility at Kongsberg, Å Energi could become a major producer of hydrogen in Southern Norway.