September 27th 2019

How to handle digital risks

Technological advances create new vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Learn how to protect your business.

September 24th 2019

Students compete to solve industry challenges

University of Agder students enter a competition to solve oil industry challenges. The main prize is a tour of a North Sea oil platform.

September 23rd 2019

Three new GCE NODE participants

The Board of Directors of GCE NODE has accepted three companies as new cluster participants.

September 21st 2019

Oil and gas market expected to grow

According to a new report, the international oil and gas market is expected to continue to grow in coming years.

September 12th 2019

Expects thousands of new blue jobs

Ocean-based jobs in the Agder region is expected to grow by several thousand by 2030.

September 10th 2019

Join us at Norway Asia Business Summit

Showcase ocean technology and innovative solutions at the Norway Asia Business Summit in Shanghai in October 2019.

September 08th 2019

Register clean, healthy ocean commitment

As preparation for the Our Ocean Conference in Oslo, companies are encouraged to register voluntary commitments for actions towards a clean, healthy and productive ocean.

September 04th 2019

“Fantastic growth in offshore wind”

The offshore wind market grows much faster than expected, according to a new report from Norwegian Energy Partners.

September 04th 2019

Innovation project deadline: Sept. 25

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) has announced NOK 1.25 Billion in support for innovation projects for the industry.