October 18th 2021

Making oil and gas more sustainable

As fossil fuels are expected to be part of the global energy mix for decades to come, HMH is committed to making the oil and gas industry more sustainable.

October 17th 2021

How to find money for start-ups

GCE NODE and two other business clusters have developed a series of webinars that addresses how to raise capital for start-ups.

October 13th 2021

Technology can save the world

Technology can help us reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but probably not by 2030.

October 12th 2021

Visit GCE NODE companies at OTD Energy

Come visit eight companies at the GCE NODE pavilion at OTD Energy in Stavanger.

October 01st 2021

Training new operators world-wide

MacGregor Norway celebrated its 200th training course last week.

September 29th 2021

Big plans for offshore wind development

The supplier industry in Agder came out to learn more about a consortium with big plans for offshore wind development.

September 16th 2021

Oil and gas investments will increase

Investments in oil and gas are estimated to increase by USD 30 billion from 2021 to 2025, far more than investments in offshore wind.

September 15th 2021

Four GCE NODE participants receive funding from Green Platform Initiative

GCE NODE participants Agder Energi, Global Ocean Technology, NORCE and Origo Solutions are part of three different consortiums which have received financial support through the Green Platform Initiative.

September 15th 2021

How to scale globally

A program designed to help companies develop strategy and network to scale business globally, starts in October. GCE NODE companies are invited to participate.