June 14th 2022

Business sector in dire need of skilled people

Business clusters in Agder met with top county politicians and officials to discuss vocational training and skillsets needed to fill vacancies in the region’s business sector.

June 08th 2022

No «one size fits all» in cyber security

Can two different companies apply identical protection measures against identical security risks?

June 05th 2022

A dominant force in floating wind

Equinor is determined to be a big player in the offshore floating wind industry. The Norwegian energy giant recently met with the supplier industry in Agder.

June 02nd 2022

How GCE NODE companies gained momentum on sustainability

Three GCE NODE companies took to the stage during the Sustainability Conference in Kristiansand to explain how they got up to speed on sustainability.

June 01st 2022

Price spikes bad for innovation

Rising oil and gas prices are bad news for entrepreneurs and innovators, according to industry veteran Arne Smedal.

May 31st 2022

Floating offshore wind industry can create 52,000 new jobs

The floating offshore wind industry can employ a significant number of people in 2050, according to a new report from Menon Economics.

May 27th 2022

Putting sustainability goals to work

What do sustainable development goals translate to in your company, and how do you go from words to action?

May 23rd 2022

Ecotrack transferred from GCE NODE to Factlines

Ecotrack, a tool for assessing environmental impact of products and services, has been transferred from GCE NODE to Factlines.

May 23rd 2022

Hydrogen study trip to Denmark

GCE NODE took part in a study trip to Denmark to learn more about hydrogen and zero emissions in the transportation sector.