November 05th 2022

Size matters in booming offshore wind market

Offshore wind farms are increasing in size and numbers as the world’s thirst for energy grows.

October 31st 2022

Master of many trades

If you need anything technical, chances are big that Tratec can deliver.

October 27th 2022

Islands of opportunity

Ambitious plans to build energy islands in the North and Baltic Seas presents new business opportunities for Norwegian offshore suppliers.

October 24th 2022

“The state of carbon capture and storage has never been better”

Industry experts on carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS) met at Fevik last week in what could well be described as a CCUS national summit.

October 16th 2022

Smart-Factory-as-a Service

Based on experiences from machining company Aarbakke, the new GCE NODE participant Ignos offers Smart-Factory-as-a-Services.

October 12th 2022

Norseman Wind needs access to more ports

Norseman Wind has secured access to port facilities in Mandal, but the consortium needs more space if awarded acreage in the Sørlige Nordsjø II licensing round.

October 06th 2022

National Budget: Building offshore wind competence in Agder

The Norwegian government has allocated NOK 5 million in the 2023 National Budget for further development of offshore wind competence in Agder.

October 02nd 2022

Making the world’s deserts green again

Transforming desert sand into fertile soil is a process that usually takes years. The Norwegian company Desert Control provides technology to do it in hours.

October 02nd 2022

Telenor Maritime rules the waves

Following the signing of a new contract, Telenor Maritime now provides satellite-based communication services to more than 100 ferries worldwide.