December 03rd 2018

How to make components in the field

3D printing is an increasingly high-tech discipline. Producing components on site is a cost-efficient alternative to storage of spare parts.

November 30th 2018

“One of the most important events for O&G”

OG21 Forum is widely considered one of the most important Norwegian events for the oil and gas industry. GCE NODE, NORCE and cluster companies attended the event in Oslo Thursday.

November 28th 2018

9 new GCE NODE participants

These 9 companies have recently been accepted as participants of GCE NODE.

November 22nd 2018

Found ‘right medicine’ in business development lab

Following several years in the red, 243-year-old Fenner Mandals found inspiration and guidance in GCE NODE’s business development lab.

November 22nd 2018

Mechanical workshop is 100 years old

Kristiansand Skruefabrikk og Mek. Verksted (KSMV) celebrated its first 100 years Thursday.

November 22nd 2018

Rig cluster aims to attract more rigs to Agder

Nymo, Frigstad and Global Ocean Technology join forces in order to establish a rig cluster in the Agder region.

November 21st 2018

Receives tax incentives for R&D

Submitting a SkatteFUNN application is easy and rewarding, according to Mandals. The company recently had three new applications approved.

November 20th 2018

Kverneland, Ellingsen discussed diversification at Adipec

Hege Kverneland (CTO at National Oilwell Varco) and Anne-Grete Ellingsen (CEO of GCE NODE) took the stage in Abu Dhabi to discuss technology and diversification.

November 20th 2018

Met with US Ambassador to Norway

The US Ambassador to Norway travelled to Kristiansand last week to meet with policy makers and business sector representatives.