May 10th 2023

49 companies met with Brigg Vind consortium

Potential developer of offshore wind resources Brigg Vind met with regional suppliers in Agder Tuesday.

May 05th 2023

Lister region explored offshore wind opportunities

80 people in the Lister region gathered to discuss business opportunities in the emerging offshore wind industry.

May 01st 2023

20 new areas for offshore wind identified

20 potential offshore wind development areas along the Norwegian coast has been identified by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). See map.

April 26th 2023

Å Energi, Corio launch Nordvegen Vind

Corio Generation and Å Energi have announced Nordvegen Vind, the name for their joint venture aiming to deliver the country’s first grid-scale floating offshore wind farm.

April 26th 2023

Impressed by the offshore wind industry

As the Norwegian offshore wind market is about to open, the State Secretary at the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy commended the Norwegian offshore wind industry.

April 25th 2023

Agder region well represented at WindEurope Copenhagen

More than 80 people from the Agder region are present at the world's largest wind energy exhibition and conference, which opened Tuesday.

April 24th 2023

Visited base for Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm

Eager to learn, a delegation of 40 Norwegians – many of them from the Agder region – visited the operations and maintenance base for Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm.

April 21st 2023

National offshore wind competence center only weeks from being established

The Norwegian National Competence Center for Offshore Wind will be established in Kristiansand before the summer.

April 20th 2023

The new GCE NODE Board of Directors

The GCE NODE Board of Directors includes two new faces following the Annual General Meeting Thursday night.