December 27th 2021

Building the high-speed vessel of the future

Umoe Mandal and five other companies compete to design tomorrows zero emission high-speed vessel.

December 18th 2021

Speeding up offshore wind development

GCE NODE, Agder Energi, NORCE and the University of Agder are part of a new project aimed at increasing the speed of offshore wind development outside the Southern and Western coast of Norway.

December 16th 2021

OTC 2022: Call for Interest

We are travelling to Houston for OTC in May 2022. Will you join us?

December 13th 2021

A transportation sector matching service

Always Cargo has received more than NOK 3 million in funding from The Research Council of Norway to develop a cloud-based intelligent matching system for freight transport.

December 10th 2021

ONS Technical Sessions: 21 Challenges

Do you have the solutions for the challenges in the energy industry?

December 08th 2021

Baltic investment firm buys CSUB majority

Livonia Partners has agreed to acquire a majority stake in composite structures producer CSUB.

November 30th 2021

Expecting massive offshore wind development off Norwegian coast

In 2050, the North Sea basin could be home to 50 GW installed wind power, generating 50,000 new jobs.

November 25th 2021

“Earth on path to 1.6 degrees warming”

Jarand Rystad predicts that the world will be 1.6 degrees warmer in 2100, and presents a solid stack of data to support it.

November 18th 2021

Let the offshore wind game begin

“The private sector is ready. The public sector is ready. All the vital pieces have been carefully placed on the board. It is time to play”.