Pål Skogerbø (HMH) is the new Chair of GCE NODE's Board of Directors.

Pål Skogerbø was elected Chairperson of the GCE NODE Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting in Kristiansand Thursday night.

Skogerbø replaces NOV Norway boss Rune Johnsen, who will continue as Board Member.

Other board members include Sunniva Whittaker (University of Agder), Ingvar Apeland (AS Nymo), Kristin Dale (Å Energi), Kjetil Kleven (Firenor), Bjørn-Tore Lenes (Origo Solutions), Torstein Bringa (Future Production), and Siren Neset (NORCE).

The AGM was held at Klubben in Kristiansand, where CEO Tom Fidjeland presented the GCE NODE annual report and GCE NODE finances. In 2023, total revenues amounted to NOK 23 million. The financial result came in at close to NOK 1 million.

At year-end, GCE NODE had 128 cluster participants.

The annual meeting increased the minimum participation fee from NOK 25,000 to NOK 30,000. The maximum participation fee was increased from NOK 175,000 to NOK 180,000. The fee for start-ups remained unchanged at NOK 5,000.