A new strategy defines how GCE NODE will help cluster participants contribute to the green transition and further develop the oil and gas industry.

“Our strategy is to help build the right competence, ensure favorable framework conditions, and accelerate the transition,” says Tom Fidjeland, CEO of GCE NODE.

Based on a strategy seminar, questionnaires, and in-depth interviews, more than 200 people provided input to the new GCE NODE strategy for the remainder of the decade.

“The two major questions that were asked and answered during the process were: How to approach the green transition? And how to address the activities in oil and gas, which is still core business for many participating companies,” says Fidjeland.

“Going forward, GCE NODE will help cluster participants succeed in both existing and new markets and industries,” adds Fidjeland.

The 2020s have been labelled “the decade of transition”. Technology transfer and the green transition will greatly influence GCE NODE companies, and all other companies, in years to come.

“This is the dominating backdrop for our new strategy,” says Fidjeland.