Representatives from University of Agder attended the general assembly of Robotics PPP in Brussels this week.

The European Robotics Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the teaming up of the robotics industry, research, academia and the European Commission to launch a joint research, development and innovation programme in order to strengthen the position of European robotics as a whole.

The programme is jointly developed by the private side (robotics manufacturers, component manufacturers, systems integrators, end users, research institutes, universities) and the public side (the European Commission).

The main objective of the Robotics PPP is to boost current European robotics research, development and innovation. It also aims to assure competitiveness and industrial leadership of European manufacturers, providers and users of systems and services based on robotic technology, as well as fostering the excellence of its science base.

– The University of Agder has submitted to Robotics PPP a special interest in offshore robotics, related to NODE companies – and industrial robotics, related to Eyde companies. We participate in the programme in order to increase our general knowledge on how to use robots for production purposes, says Søren Kragholm, senior advisor at UiA and project manager at GCE NODE.

Kverneland Group and Sintef are other Norwegian members of Robotics PPP.