The project aims to contribute positioning Europe as the world technological and industrial leader in Blue Energy, with a special focus on floating offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.

The main goal of ELBE+ is to support and reinforce internationalisation of European SMEs and other relevant stakeholders in selected Blue Energy markets in North America (US, Canada) and Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam), while also identifying new potential markets for upcoming activities.

ELBE+ will focus on strengthening European Blue Energy New Value Chain, promoting European Blue Energy Internationalisation with key specific actions and assure the Long-Term Sustainability of the ELBE Alliance

Segment: New Markets

Project Owner: Cluster Energia, Spain

GCE NODE Project Manager: Isabelle-Louise Aabel

Partners: Cluster Energia (Spain), Offshore Wäst/ RISE (Sweden), Pole Mere Mediterranée (France), Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) (Scotland), Blauwe Cluster (Belgium), Energy Cluster Denmark, GCE NODE.

Period: 2020-2022

Funding: COSME, EU