ELBE ALLIANCE gathers eight European reference clusters in the Offshore Renewable Energy sector, which together bring nearly 1,000 companies and R&D organizations.

In 2022, the members of the Alliance became a Eurocluster. Thanks to this initiative, the Alliance has a budget of more than €1M that is articulated through different open calls supported by Cascade Funding.

The aim of ELBE Eurocluster is to encourage the development of SMEs in the field of: Innovation, Internationalization, Networking, and Training.

Segment: New Markets

Project Owner: Cluster Energia, Spain

GCE NODE Project Manager: Tom Fidjeland

Partners: Cluster Energia (Spain), Pole Mer Mediterranée (France), Blauwe Cluster (Belgium), Pomerania (Poland), Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (Scotland), Energy Cluster Denmark (Denmark), Offshore Väst/ RISE (Sweden), GCE NODE

Period: 2023-2025

Funding: COSME, EU