A European project for increased female participation in high-tech industries.

Femina considers how to identify, implement, monitor and evaluate policy measures that break down barriers to female high-tech entrepreneurship, to employment and career progression in high-tech SMEs, and to the gender dimension of innovation in funding schemes for high-tech start-ups and SMEs.

Femina partners cooperate at an interregional level to reach their overall aim: To ensure that selected policy instruments are integrated with measures to promote female engagement in high-tech sectors. The joint Action Plan will form the foundation for the regional Action Plans aimed at improving policy instruments for each individual region.

Segment: Competence

Project Owner: Arezzo Innovation, Italy

GCE NODE Project Manager: Isabelle-Louise Aabel

Period: 2018 – 2021

Partners: Arezzo Innovation (Italy), Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece), Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency (Romania), SODERSCAN (Spain), Region Dalarna (Sweden), CMO STAMM (The Netherlands) and GCE NODE (Norway).

Funding: Interreg Europe