Methodology for increased competitiveness led to the development of popular modules Quick Wins  and Deep Dive.

Part One of the project “Methodology for increased competitiveness” was initiated in 2018, funded by Sørlandets Kompetansefond. The methodology was tested on three pilot companies and carried out in a business development lab and a digital learning environment established by GCE NODE. The program scored very well in the evaluation from participating companies.

Part Two of the project aims to further develop the methodology, include digital technology elements, arrange courses for several new companies and develop a training program for coaches. GCE NODE should be able to offer its business development team to all Agder companies, and throughout Norway with partners, after the project is finalized.

The methodology will stimulate companies to initiate and implement a structured, step-by-step strategic plan that will lead to more sustainable business models and increased competitiveness in both established and new markets. The program will provide companies with methods, tools and best industrial practices that can be used to achieve the goals. This program will include different approaches to increased use of digital tools in production and how it can be combined with increased sustainability. The program will be particularly suitable for growth companies that have the potential to grow from a few employees and up to 50-100 employees. For larger existing companies, spin-offs in the form of new companies that further develops new business ideas will also be a goal.

Segment: Sustainable Business Models

Project Owner: GCE NODE

GCE NODE Project Manager: Jan Helge Viste

Period: 2018-

Funding: Sørlandets kompetansefond.