Building on previous results and exploring possibilities that may lead to major international collaborative projects in digitalization.

Digitalization has been a high priority in GCE NODE since the start of the GCE projects. The signals from the cluster companies are that this is an important area to continue, as digitalization is considered to be absolutely crucial to ensure continued competitiveness in the market.

Digitalization streamlines production processes. Digitalization not only provides cost savings, but also provides HSE benefits in the form of increased safety and contributes to reduced emissions. All three factors will be important for competitiveness in the coming years.

In this project, we will build on previous results and also look at the possibility of leading to major international collaborative projects in digitalization, including increased use of robotics technology in industry, interoperability, data management, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0.

Segments: Competence, RD&I, Sustainability, and Business Development

Project Owner: GCE NODE

GCE NODE Project Manager: Jan Helge Viste

Period: 2020

Funding: Innovation Norway