The Quick Wins course is the first course in the GCE NODE strategy and business development program. It introduces you and your senior leadership team to basic business systemic-design thinking, using modern tools like a business canvas for business modelling. It also enables you to identify and plan to harvest several quick wins, all supported by your dedicated GCE NODE coach.

The Quick Wins course consists of four modules:

1. Assess the Current Situation. In this module, you will prepare yourself and your senior leadership team for this course. You will learn about the course, undertake a high-level assessment of your current situation, and meet your GCE NODE coach.

2. Introduction to Business Modelling Using a Case Study. In this module, you will learn how to create a useful model of a business using the Flourishing Business Canvas tool. This canvas is based on the well-known Osterwalder business canvas but covers in addition also important societal and environmental issues.

3. Create a Useful Model of Your Current Business. In this module, you will work with your colleagues in your company’s leadership team, to apply your newly developed business modelling skills for your own company.¬† You will create a useful shared understanding of your company’s current “Golden Circle”, and your current business model using the Flourishing Business Canvas.

4. Quick wins – Identify and Take Action. In this module you will identify and prioritize a few quick wins, based on your current business model, a SWOT analysis and a heatmap. This is work that will enable benefits for your company to be realized within weeks or at most 2-3 months. For the quick wins you select, you will then plan the work to make the operational changes required to realize the benefits.

The quick-wins course is arranged as three half-days gatherings, and you are followed and supported by an experienced coach during the whole course.