The GCE NODE Business Development Lab offers a cloud-based industry-proven program for sustainable business development. Based on a digital maturity test, the program initiates a step-by-step process to develop viable business models focusing on increased competitiveness in both established and new markets. The program emphasizes how accelerated digitalization can increase both productivity and sustainability.

Feedback from surveys suggests widespread uncertainty and lack of competence in many management groups on how the digital transformation can be utilized for value creation, and what the transformation requires in the form of investments in new technology and competence.

Many SMEs have been through a tough downturn and cannot afford to invest in technologies that will not increase competitiveness. The Business Development Lab helps build confidence and a joint focus on the strategy and targets to achieve common goals in the management groups.

  • How to empower companies with management teams that have an understanding of how a changing world and new technology will affect the viability of the company?
  • How to find a new mindset and change in management behavior can help companies design and follow new strategic paths that are sharply adjusted to meet the future?
  • How to meet people where they are and provide a safe learning environment for their transformation journey in scalable ways?

The project provides a tool and methodology for a company to use to achieve its goals of increased productivity and competitiveness. The tool will stimulate companies to initiate and implement a structured, step-by-step and strategic plan that will lead to a more sustainable business model and increased competitiveness in both established and new markets. The tool will help focus on increased digitalization, combined with increased sustainability.

Practical implementation:

  • Training and support materials on an LMS e-learning platform (Learning Management System)
  • Individual coaches for each company
  • Coach visiting the company
  • Joint workshops in a physical lab – Series of half-day sessions.

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