Ecotrack, a tool for assessing environmental impact of products and services, has been transferred from GCE NODE to Factlines.

“GCE NODE is not set up to develop, maintain and sell software solutions, such as Ecotrack, which require continuous updates. We are very pleased to have found a home for Ecotrack in an organization which is dedicated to environmental reporting,” says Tom Fidjeland, CEO of GCE NODE.

Developed by GCE NODE as far back as 2013/2014, Ecotrack is a tool and methodology that helps companies analyze and document how their business influences the environment.

“Increased awareness of environmental costs and eco-friendlier alternatives enable you to design solutions that are better for the environment, better for your customers and better for you,” explains Fidjeland.

Executives around the world are well aware of the environmental costs of their businesses and are dedicated to reducing them. They expect nothing less from their suppliers. Companies that can document higher sustainability are preferred partners and have a competitive edge. This is exactly what the Norwegian company Factlines offers.

Providing a digital solution for securing responsible supply chains, Factlines was recently acquired by Alytic, a portfolio company of Arendals Fossekompani, which is also a participant of GCE NODE.

Factlines was founded in 2012 in response to the Norwegian authorities’ ambition to strengthen sustainability in procurement. Today, Factlines’ digital solution and expertise have made supply chain mapping efficient. Factlines supports the process from requirements and code of conduct – to risk analysis, follow-up, and dialogue.

“Future marked leaders must be financially excellent, but also ecologically and socially sustainable. To achieve this, it is necessary to approach your suppliers efficiently and to work systematically. Factlines facilitates this work with our digital network solution,” says Siri Engesæth, CEO of Factlines, and former CEO of the environmental foundation Bellona.

With offices in Norway and Denmark, Factlines clients are typically Nordic public procurement organizations and private companies.

The agreement with Alytic and Factlines ensures that GCE NODE companies will have access to the Ecotrack tool, including future updates.

“Ecotrack is tailor made by and for the supplier industry and will continue to be an important tool for a number of GCE NODE companies, but also for a wider audience in the hands of Factlines,” says Fidjeland.

GCE NODE took part in a study trip to Denmark to learn more about hydrogen and zero emissions in the transportation sector.

The trip was organized by the University of Agder and Agder County and included meetings with key players in the northern region of Denmark.

“The Danes have assumed a brave position on the transition to the hydrogen society. The northern part of Denmark works closely together for a green transition and have ambitious targets for utilizing hydrogen, reducing CO2 emissions and succeeding in carbon capture. We should follow suit,” says Christian von der Ohe, RD&I Manager at GCE NODE.

The trip included visits to NEL in Herning where hydrogen fuel stations are produced, to an operating hydrogen fuel station, and a ride on a hydrogen powered bus. The Norwegian delegation also met with the Hydrogen Valley cluster, HyBalance and Ballard Power Systems.

“We also learned that Denmark is exploring underground hydrogen storage in the natural salt formations which run through most of the country,” says von der Ohe.

On the final day we visited Denmark’s last fully operational coal power plant, which is to be phased out and replaced by Green Hub Denmark, which has a zero-emission vision.

“All in all, a very well organized and educational trip,” says von der Ohe.

The Agder delegation (left-right): Ismail Mahammed (Agder County), Sanne Jordan (Agder County), Frode Larssen (Otechos), Kine Broms Sletengen (Greenstat Energy), Fredrik Hauge (Otechos), Tanja Erichsen (BDO), Rene Sørensen Nordahl (Umoe Advanced Composites), Ulrik Thisted (NORCE), Jørn Løvdal (Umoe Advanced Composites), Christian von der Ohe (GCE NODE), Even Askildsen (University of Agder), Vidar Ose (Agder County), Inge Stangeland (Kvinesdal Municipality), Jan Otto Hansen (Agder County) and Øystein Tørlen (Norwegian Hydrogen).

The GCE NODE joint pavilion at ONS is filling up quickly, but there are still a few openings. Sign up today to secure your spot.

Confirmed participants at the 2022 GCE NODE joint pavilion include Air Products, Castor Drilling Solutions, Firenor, Global Ocean Technology, Globetech, Nymo, Pentagon, Stimline, Telenor Maritime, University of Agder and Vinje Industrier.

After a cancelled event in 2020, ONS is back at full strength in late August 2022. The large-scale international offshore expo and conference has traditionally focused on the oil and gas market while now it is home to a much broader energy sector.

GCE NODE will host a joint pavilion at ONS with space for 12-16 cluster companies. Participation at the pavilion provides companies with high visibility and the opportunity to exhibit at one of the industry’s largest global events at reduced cost and using fewer resources when compared with organizing their own stand.

If you have questions or would like to show an interest in this event, please contact GCE NODE Project Manager Ann Marchioro.