24 November | 10:00 - 15:15 | Gardermoen | Members only

INTSOK invite its partners to discuss the status of the sanctions and the current situation in Iran. Speakers from the Norwegian Government, research institutes, Statoil and the industry are invited.

The objective of this Network Meeting is to share knowledge of the situation in Iran and give input to 2016 strategy.


  1. Status sanctions/political support (MFA&MPE)
  2. Partner presentations
  3. INTSOK services
  4. Discussion and feedback
  5. Plan 2016

Download: Agenda_Iran_INTSOK

Venue: Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

Participation fee: NOK 825

Registration: GCE NODE participants, please contact GCE NODE administration to register for this event: bente@gcenode.no.