17 February | 09:00 - 10:30 | Webinar | Open for all

In recent years, Taiwan has become a “hot” market for offshore wind in Asia. With its policy to promote renewable energy, the intention is to increase the percentage of its total energy production from 6% to 20% by 2025.

Currently the phase 2 ongoing 5.7GW projects which 269MW has completed end of 2021 and additional 2000MW will be completed this year. More supply chain contracts are in the intensive bidding process with great opportunities for Norwegian offshore wind companies.

The Phase 3 Zonal Development draft regulation was announced last year with 15GW new target which will bring the total capacity to over 20GW by 2035. The first upcoming 3GW auction and evaluation will be Q2/Q33 this year. Join us to learn more about the contract bidding process and key concerns for foreign supply chain contractors.

1. Introduction of Offshore Wind Farm Development in Taiwan

– Brief introduction on the development in Taiwan’s offshore wind power market (from phase 1 development to phase 3 development)
– Key governmental policy and basic rules in the coming Zonal Development Phase (with a focus on localization items and the additional pointers on projects that may be a niche market for foreign companies)
2. Highlight on common concerns for foreign contractors
– Outlining the key concerns asked by foreign companies when entering into Taiwan offshore wind power market (including local presence issue, basic tax scheme, applicable working regulation, etc.).
3. General bidding / quotation process
– Walking through some general bidding/quotation process for Taiwan offshore wind projects with practical inputs based on our/our clients’ past experience.
4. Standard construction contract issues
– Presenting the key terms in a standard construction contract under Taiwan practice that contractors should be aware of (e.g., FIDIC contract, arbitration clause, change in law clause, force majeure clause etc.)
5. Q&As and summary

Practical information
This is an online event that will take place on the webinar platform Zoom and held in English. Approved registrants will receive an email with a Zoom link 1-2 days prior to the event. When signing up for this webinar, your email address will be made available to Norwegian Energy Partners.