10 February - 14 February | | Kenya & Mozambique | Open for all

The Norwegian Crown Prince is visiting Kenya and Mozambique in February 2020, and there will be a business delegation to Kenya organised by Innovation Norway.

Norwegian Energy Partners is responsible for the energy programme during the visit.

The visit to Kenya will be from 10 – 11 February, and we are planning for a an energy seminar focusing on renewables. We are also considering to include geothermal energy in the programme if there is interest among Norwegian companies.

There is so far not an official business delegation planned to Mozambique, but there may still be an energy programme focusing on LNG and possibly renewable energy as well. Tentative dates are 12 – 13 February.

LNG: There are 2 recent FIDs on two major projects in Mozambique: Rovuma LNG and Area 1. Norwegian Energy Partners is looking into the possibility to meet with clients and local stakeholders in Mozambique. There may be opportunities for Norwegian supply chains within offshore supply, subsea and LNG domestic utilisation, transport and distribution.

Renewables: We are in dialouge with companies already established in Mozambique, but we would appreciate to hear from renewable energy companies not yet established but curious about the market opportunities

Do you have an interest to participate in the energy programme in Kenya and/or Mozambique?

Please contact:

Maria Stokke (Renewables in Kenya and Mozambique)

Eirik Melaaen (LNG in Mozambique)