19 October | 08:45 - 17:15 | Stavanger | Open for all

Digitalisation; the big picture, the goals, innovations, and transformations!

Digital Energy

Digital Energy Conference initiates collaboration by sharing best practice, challenges and inspiring solutions, hosted by and for the Norwegian Energy Industry. The lectures and audience interaction target main goals of digitalisation; sustainability, process improvement, cost reduction, increased quality and safety. Those goals are basic prerequisites for Norwegian industry’s competitiveness, and digitalisation are the tools to build a possible future green energy mixture.

Program topics

Current and future trends and prerequisites for digitalisation will be addressed. The visitors are Project Managers and IT staff, clients, top managers and decision makers across industry and disciplines. In addition, academia, stakeholders and governmental agencies makes relevant contributions. The conference encourages equality, diversity and inclusion using speacial incentives for companies’ young employees and students.


Session 1
The big digital picture with trends, business and technological development, competence needs and political guidelines.

Session 2
Digitalisation goals; sustainability, process improvement, cost reduction, increased quality and safety.

Session 3
Digital innovations – presentation of impressive digital / technological solutions that completely change the way you work.

Session 4
The way forward, how to position Norwegian technology and knowledge so that value creation continues?


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