20 October | 10:00 - 11:00 | Online | Open for all

The message is clear: The energy transition has begun and offshore wind plays a tremendous part in this process.

The confirmed projects globally proves an exceptional growth in the years to come, and Norwegian suppliers are encouraged to get involved. Local projects are, however, not commencing any time soon, the Norwegian supply chain must, thus, prepare for export markets. But how do you find your business opportunities? How to make business critical decisions?

10.00 – Welcome and introduction by Tom Fidjeland
10.10 – Esgian; short presentation by Susanne Starheim-Grøtter
10.15 – Presentation of wind analytics by Oliver Stephenson
10.50 – Q&A
11:00 – End

GCE Node has entered into a partnership with Esgian, and the objective is to enhance growth in the offshore wind industry for the members. Esgian is an independent third party data -and analysis company covering wind farms, turbines, vessels, factories, associated contracts and more, and in this webinar they will show what is ongoing globally and what to expect in the years to come, and what should be of interest from a Norwegian supplier’s perspective.
Oliver has more than 15 years’ experience helping clients across the energy sector. After working as an upstream oil and gas analyst in the UK, Oliver moved to Singapore and worked in product management, sales and business development across Asia, with a focus on supporting the financial services sector. Now back in the UK once again, the aim of providing clients with better energy insight and analytics remains the same.