21 February | 15:00 - 16:30 | Webinar | Open for all

Explore specialized solutions in emission reduction for topside and process operations through this engaging webinar.

Join us to gain insights from Norwegian companies with cutting-edge solutions and innovative approaches.Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) has invited five top Norwegian companies and experts to demonstrate Norway’s expertise in Emission Reduction – Topsides and Process. These partners will present their value propositions to potential clients in the UK and the Americas, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of these operations.

Presenting companies

  • BW Offshore
    Low Emission Floating Energy Production, by Fredrik Savio, Business Unit Manger New Ventures
  • Altera Infrastructure
    FPSO emission reduction – from concept to reality, by Arnfinn Lunde, Director Innovation, concept and product development
  • Yinson
    Yinson Production Low Carbon FPSO Solutions, by Kristian Holm, Package Delivery Manager CCS Agogo
  • Aragon
    Handling CO2 Offshore Topside and Process, by Paal Kleiven, Business Development Director SEA
  • Siemens Energy
    BlueDrive PlusC: a DC power grid for Marine & Offshore industries leading to fuel and emission reduction, by Eduardo Pimentel Silvestrow, Product Lifecycle Manager for low-voltage DC grids and UPS for Marine & Offshore
Practical information
  • This is an online webinar held in Teams
  • When signing up for this webinar, your email address will be made available to Norwegian Energy Partners and webinar speakers