08 February - 17 February | | Webinar | Open for all

GCE NODE and several other business clusters have developed a new course to address how to find capital for your company.

“There is an increasing demand for capital for start-ups and scale-ups. This is a common challenge for companies in most industries. Together with the VIA cluster we have initiated a new course focused on finding capital,” explains Audun Skare, Project Manager at GCE NODE.

The course Kapitalstrategi (Capital Strategy) is designed to provide the management, board of directors and owners the competence and knowledge necessary to negotiate and select the right capitalization for their company. Scheduled for February 8-17, the course consists of 13 stand-alone modules, each 45 minutes long.

“Our intension is to reach out to companies with an implemented business model, plan and/or strategy. Kapitalstrategi is primarily for mature companies with an ambition to raise capital or take the company in a new direction. Entrepreneurs may also participate,” says Skare.

The course is in Norwegian.

Register within 8 february!