24 January | 15:00 - 16:00 | Webinar | Open for all

Join us to gain insights from the following Norwegian companies that possess cutting-edge solutions and innovative approaches

A part of NORWEPs UK and Americas Webinar Series

To showcase Norway’s capabilities within subsea technologies and services, Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) has extended invitations to four leading Norwegian companies and experts. These partners will present their value propositions to potential clients in the UK and the Americas, with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of these operations.

  • Ocean Installer
    Kevin Murphy, CEO – Complex projects in challenging environments
  • CCB Subsea
    Cecilie Sælen, CEO – Subsea tools for safe and efficient well interventions and P&A
  • CSUB
    Jon Inge Brattekås, SVP Market & Technology – Subsea support and protection system
  • Scanmudring
    Frank Ludvigsen, Global Business Development Director – From conventional to extreme seabed intervention

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