31 May | | | Open for all

9. June Subsea 7 together with Innovation Norway and Fabrica de Startups in Brazil are inviting your company to offer your products and services to solve challenges Subsea7 has withing three areas:

1. How to minimize the environmental impact of ONSHORE operations of Subsea7.

In this challenge, Subsea7 looks for innovative solutions that will help them to rebuild an onshore site with efficient and sustainable solutions, in addition to their ongoing initiatives involving cleaner operations and hybridization of their fleet.

What is expected (scope):

  • Energy efficiency;
  • Thermal efficiency;
  • Reuse of natural resources;
  • Electric power production or use of clean sources;
  • Destination and reuse of waste and effluents;
  • Raw materials, components and equipment with a sustainable concept;
  • Actions to reduce the carbon footprint


2. How to improve UX on Subsea 7 engineering process and procedures?

The objective of this challenge is to facilitate access to information in a more interactive way, with automatic checks and inputs/searches for the correct information.

What is expected (scope):

  • Increase on productivity;
  • Improve adherence to processes through a facilitated consultation;
  • Increased employee satisfaction with lighter processes and procedures;
  • Routine optimization.


3. How to ensure greenhouse gas compensation in Subsea7 operations?

Subsea 7 is looking for solutions to expand their portfolio of initiatives for carbon offset in the operations, covering everything from a back-office scope, passing through the activities in their administrative buildings until the core operations on onshore and offshore sites.

What is expected (scope):

  • Tools that assist in monitoring the carbon footprint of onshore and offshore sites and operations;
  • Solutions to help us with insights to reduce emissions;
  • Solutions to assist us in the compensation process


You can read more about the challenges by clicking here: Challenge Description.

If you want to register yourself in Sea the Future, please fill out this simple form and submit until May 31st : Registration form


There will be no preparation or training for this program. Innovation Norway is part of the board and will evaluate the registrations and select the 10 companies that will make a pitch on the Sea the Future program. Further chronogram is announcement of selected startups early June with a pitch day followed shortly after the ammouncement.