18 February | 13:45 - 14:15 | Teams meeting | Open for all

After very good respons this fall, SFi Offshore Mechtronics will continue to arrange webinars in 2021, every second Thursday from 13.45-14.15.

The topic of this webinar is the Julia programming language. The webinar will be presented by Mattias Fällt which is about to finish his Phd degree at the department of automatic control, Lund university.

The Julia programming language has in recent years gained a lot of traction and popularity for scientific computing but also industrial applications. Not to be covered in this webinar, but it is worth mentioning that the Julia community is very active in the area of Scientific Machine Learning (SciML). SciML is an active research area concerned with bridging scientific computing (e.g. physical modeling and simulation) with machine learning.

Use this link to join.

March 4. – CI/CD Toolchains (Sondre S. Tørdal, UiA)

March 18. – ONNX – Open Neural Network Exchange (Fabian Bause, Beckhoff)