20 March - 22 March | 18:00 - 15:00 | Oslo | Open for all

The SSV Conference has in just a few years established itself as one of the leading energy and technology conferences in Europe.

The 2018 conference will once again bring together world-class speakers and highly acknowledged industry leaders to present their views on our energy future, technology, innovation, the industry and market situation.

Our industry is changing faster than ever. Energy transition and global politics are changing the economics of oil. The energy mix is shifting towards lower carbon sources, driven by technology advances and growing environmental concerns.

National and international oil companies are transforming to energy giants, committing to provide accessible, affordable and sustainable energy to the world.

Adapting to this new reality, digital is emerging as part of the solution, presenting the possibility of a radically more efficient new normal.

Upstream companies are beginning to innovate new technology solutions and business models.

For the suppliers, this change requires a willingness to consider new, digitally driven commercial relationships and forcing traditional businesses to change, innovate, adapt, develop and implement new technology in both existing and new markets.

These challenges and opportunities, affecting all businesses regardless of size and markets, will be highlighted at SSV Conference 2018.

With more than 100 exhibiting companies and 1500 conference delegates attending SSV Conference 2017, we expect more than 2000 delegates from the energy and technology industry to attend in 2018.

World-class companies, speakers, networking and presentations will once again be at the core of our rapidly growing SSV Conference.

We welcome you to join the fastest growing energy and technology conference in Europe, both as exhibitor and delegate.


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