26 January | 09:30 - 11:00 | Webinar | Open for all

Every year in January, Eurasia Group, KPMG's Global Alliance partner, publishes its Top Risks report which forecasts key geopolitical risks for the year ahead.

Last year’s report branded 2020 as a negative tipping point —globalization changing its trajectory towards a US-China economic decoupling driven by both geopolitical and technological trends, at the same time as the global economy and the geopolitical order were experiencing downward cycles. As it happens, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated and intensified those risks (as well as the opportunities—such as technological innovations and climate change response).

This year’s report is available here.

Just as 2020 was overwhelmingly about healthcare responses to Covid-19 (and how much many governments got wrong), 2021 will overwhelmingly be about economic responses to Covid-19’s lingering symptoms and scar tissue (debt burdens and misaligned politics), even as vaccines roll out and the healthcare emergency fades. As economic issues come to the fore, there is no global leadership on political models, trade standards, and international architecture to follow. In this context, the US remains risk #1 in 2021 – as in 2020 – with Joe Biden’s presidency seen as illegitimate by roughly half the country, and despite Donald Trump’s exit, the US-China rivalry will continue to intensify (risk #4). Global challenges stay high on the list: the impact of Covid-19 is risk #2, climate risk is #3, global data (and the control of its flow) is risk #5, and a cyber conflict is risk #6.

Our online event on January 26th will be a unique opportunity to hear directly from our speakers from Eurasia Group and KPMG, about the political risk trends and hotspots most likely to move markets in the year ahead. This seminar will also give us a chance to address the relevance of the top 10 risks for Nordic companies.


Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Senior Advisor for Eurasia Group and former Deputy Secretary-General for the United Nations
Rohitesh Dhawan, Managing Director, Energy, Climate & Resources for Eurasia Group, will present the Top 10 Geopolitical Risks in 2021.
Agathe L’Homme, Head of Geopolitics at KPMG Norway, will speak on the Bottom Line for Nordic businesses.
Discussion, Q & A

We look forward to seeing you online on Tuesday January 26th. Welcome!

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About the KPMG-Eurasia Group alliance

KPMG has a global alliance with the Eurasia Group. The Eurasia Group is the foremost global firm in geopolitical risk analysis, and the KPMG-Eurasia alliance has greatly strengthened our geopolitical capacities including scenario planning, executive briefings, and country and asset analysis.