14 April | 14:00 - 15:15 | Webinar | Open for all

As part of the ambition to maximise the economic recovery of oil and gas, the UK Government has implemented a strategy linking the decarbonisation, energy integration and carbon capture of existing and future operations to the licencing and production of all UK oil and gas assets.

It is estimated that this strategy, which became law on 11th. February 2021has the potential to make a 60% overall contribution towards reducing UK carbon emissions as part of the UK’s commitment to net zero by 2050.

The Strategy also enables the integration of renewable energy sources such as wind power and hydrogen production with oil and gas and the re-use of suitable depleted oil and gas fields for carbon capture and storage.

These new requirements present a number of opportunities for NORWEP partners. However, initially these are likely to be associated with brownfield oil and gas activities such as subsea tie-backs, enhanced oil recovery and decarbonisation.

This webinar will explain the new UK oil and gas strategy and what it means for accessing the UK market.

The report is presented by our energy advisors:
Roger Swayne, Energy Advisor UK (London) and Tom Brighton, Energy Advisor UK (Aberdeen)

There are no participation fees for this event!