Marit Dolmen is RD&I Manager at GCE NODE

The RD&I Committee sets the direction for NODE's efforts within research, development and innovation.

The committee is instrumental in finding the right projects that NODE should focus its resources on.

While looking at current challenges, the group will be central in identifying new areas and markets for the offshore industry; How  can current technology be utilized in new markets?

NODE’s RD&I Committee:

  • Baard Alsaker, MacGregor
  • Katarina Kjelland Sørensen, Cameron
  • Sjur Henning Hollekim, MHWirth
  • Stian Myhre, NOV
  • John Isaksen, Nymo
  • Christian von der Ohe, Castor Drilling
  • Øyvind Mydland, StepChange
  • Nere Skomedal, Umoe Mandal
  • Thomas J.J. Meyer, Teknova