From the last gathering in the latest NEW Mentor program. A new program starts in September 2018. Photo: Birte Runde

"Lean on others, and let others lean on you," said manager development coach Håkon Øgaard at the conclusion of the latest NEW Mentor program.

The NEW Mentor program is based on the development of a confidential and mutually binding relationship between a mentor and a protégé. The protégé is responsible for development and growth, and the mentor takes active part in the protégé’s challenges. In addition, both parties have conversations with Øgaard.

“I have learned a lot, both of the professional and personal level. We have discussed certain issues and he has come up with suggestions for solutions. It has worked out well”, says Harald Sagedal from the company Huntonit about his mentor Pål Espen Dybvik from National Oilwell Varco.

“The mentor program has provided a great opportunity for personal growth,” says Siri Lyngvi-Østerhus from Saint-Gobain. She has had Gunnar Kulia from the Eyde cluster as a mentor.

Lyngvi-Østerhus soon realized that it was a good match. After an introductory phase, Kulia began asking more demanding questions. Not without friction.

“I am glad he did, though. It made the experience more rewarding,” says Lyngvi-Østerhus.

Kulia agrees that the 18 months long mentoring program is also rewarding for the mentor

A new round of NEW Mentor will start in September 2018 and end in spring 2020. To join, send an application to by 31st of May.

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