There are numerous opportunities for the Agder business sector to play a role in the floating offshore wind industry.

Agder could play a big role in the emerging floating offshore wind industry. A new project has identified 18 market entries.

“This is a project designed to make great things happen! By transferring competence and technology from the oil and gas industry, we have a unique opportunity to play a big part in a new and everlasting industry. The Agder region is well positioned to capture a huge part of this market,” says Kjell O. Johannessen, Project Manager for the Agder Floating Offshore Wind Project.

“Working in an international market is part of our DNA. The global arena has been our home court for decades. Paired with a regional culture of cooperation, we should act now,” says Johannessen.

This week he presented the first report from the project. The report breaks down the offshore floating wind value chain into nine parts and identifies 18 work packages, which illustrate the various floating offshore wind business opportunities for companies in the Agder region. Among these opportunities are installation, service, anchoring, floating structures, decommissioning and more.

“This is a great conceptualization of the potential deliverables from our industry. It will take some time, but when floating offshore wind matures as an industry, it will be huge. At that point, we should have captured a sizeable part of it,” says Tom Fidjeland, CEO of GCE NODE.

He is part of a high-profiled team heading the project. Other team members and partners include Heine Østby (Eyde Cluster), Arne Thomassen (Agder County), Høye Høyesen (NHO Agder), Michael Rygaaard Hansen (University of Agder), Svein Are Folgerø (Green Energy Network) and Jan Oddvar Skisland (Mayor of Kristiansand).

The project is funded by Agder County and Sørlandets kompetansefond.

For more information, please contact Kjell O. Johannessen or Audun Skare.

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