Outside the office building in Kristiansand that will house smart people with good ideas. From left: Sven Eidjord (Lumber AS), Kamilla Sharma (Innoventus Sør), Fabian Aaberg (Innoventus Sør), Aud Skeie (Skeie Group), Christian Strat (Innoventus Sør), Dag Nordbø (National Oilwell Varco Norway), Anne-Grete Ellingsen (GCE NODE), Bjarne Skeie (Skeie Group), Tore Askildsen (Vest-Agder County), Kenneth Andresen (Vest-Agder County), Carl Dversnes (Sparebanken Sør), Tom Fidjeland (Cameron), Andreas Eriksen (DNB) and Per Ivar Moen (Skeie Property). Photo: Kjell Inge Søreide

The Greenhouse in Kristiansand, a place for smart people with great ideas, now houses 22 start-up companies.

“The Greenhouse is firmly established as a house for innovation! Some of those who have moved in here have just lost their jobs in the oil sector, but this is a house for anyone with a good idea. We are thrilled to see approximately 30 people working here on a weekly basis”, says Kamilla Sharma, managing director of the innovation company Innoventus Sør, which is responsible for the greenhouse.

The initiative for the greenhouse, with approximately 1,200 square meters of office space, comes from oil entrepreneur Bjarne Skeie and technology cluster GCE NODE. The house is supported by the largest industrial companies and banks in southern Norway, in addition to Vest-Agder County and Kristiansand Municipality.

“22 companies document the necessity for this kind of initiative. I am excited to see the house filled with innovative people who can create new products, services and jobs”, says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

Stakeholders who support the Greenhouse:
• Innoventus Sør
• Vest-Agder county
• Kristiansand municipality
• National Oilwell Varco Norway
• Skeie Technology
• MHWirth
• Cameron
• Nordea
• Sparebanken Sør