Fremtidens Havvind, Windport, Lister Nyskaping, and the University of Agder receive financial support for offshore wind projects.

Sørlandets Kompetansefond recently granted NOK 4.5 million to four offshore wind projects in the Agder region. The recipients are Fremtidens Havvind (NOK 2 million), Windport (NOK 1.5 million), Lister Nyskaping (NOK 0.6 million) and the University of Agder (NOK 0.4 million).

“We are very pleased to receive this vote of confidence from Sørlandets Kompetansefond. Fremtidens Havvind has been instrumental in pushing for the supplier industry in our region to explore the business opportunities presented by the offshore wind industry. With continued support from Sørlandets Kompetansefond, we can achieve even more going forward,” says Rune Klausen, Project Manager at Fremtidens Havvind.

In a press release, Sørlandets Kompetansefond says that the four selected projects are deemed to be of great strategic value to the region.

“As of now, there is a strong interest in offshore wind projects in Agder. Several private and public players are positioning themselves to take part in this exciting, future industry. To accelerate the development and to stimulate the establishment of new and profitable jobs in our region, Sørlandets Kompetansefond wishes to support several initiatives,” says the Board of Directors of Sørlandets Kompetansefond.