50 schools in Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder have asked for a visit from NEW Faces.

– We hope to be able to visit all of them, but we need more volunteers. This year we have support from the STYRKE project (Knutepunkt Sørlandet). They appreciate the important work NEW Faces do, and love the way NEW promotes work possibilities in Agder, says Ann Marchioro, Project Manager in GCE NODE.

Juliane Gundersen from NEW Faces visited the British International School in Stavanger (BISS) in December. The school was really happy to hear from NEW and the possibilities Juliane presented.
John Gibbs at BISS wrote this to Juliane after the visit:

– Thanks very much for a fine workshop/presentation to our students last Wednesday. I, and the students, particularly valued your willingness to include your own path of career choices and your willingness to discuss that. It’s exactly what they needed and your ability to tune in with them and put them at ease was impressive.

Juliane was also very pleased with the visit: – I had a great trip to Stavanger, and how talented the kids were! Very exciting!