Eirik Andreassen heads to 5G industrial Forum at DigitalNorway.

5G networks provide unprecedented speed and capacity for data transfer, but Norwegian businesses are slow to embrace the new technology.

“There is no doubt that 5G will revolutionize the way Norwegian industry is run. However, implementation will take some time. The process of converting communication systems to 5G in businesses is expensive and requires a great deal of competence, while return on investments remains uncertain”, said Eirik Andreassen, leader of the 5G industrial forum DigitalNorway.

The 5G event at Arendalsuka was hosted by GCE NODE, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Telenor Maritime. Andreassen reminded the audience that 5G is about more than remote surgery and gaming. It has features that are specifically aimed at the industry. A private 5G network can connect sensors and applications and transmit data at near real-time speed.

“A private 5G network is more secure, faster and can accommodate more users simultaneously”, said Andreassen.

Telenor Maritime is currently installing a private 5G network on two vessels.

“We are establishing a private 5G link between two ships and an onshore operations center. Our goal is for the ships to operate completely autonomously and to be monitored from the operations center. The 5G network provides complete control of the flow of data between ship and shore,” said Knut Fjellheim, CTIO at Telenor Maritime.

He believes that 5G will help ensure better communication between ship and land, and contribute to higher safety at sea.

Knut Fjellheim is CTIO of Telenor Maritime.