Siem Offshore is among the new GCE NODE participants.

The Board of Directors have accepted nine new companies as participants of GCE NODE.

Siem Offshore
Headquarted in Kristiansand, Siem Offshore offers a dedicated and skilled workforce to operate and manage a safe, environmentally friendly and technically advanced fleet of offshore support vessels worldwide. The fleet consists of 28 vessels, including large Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels, Multipurpose field & ROV Support Vessels, Offshore Subsea Construction Vessels and Well-Intervention Vessels designed to meet the most challenging environments. CEO: Bernt Omdal.

Bouvet Norge
Bouvet is a Norwegian consultancy which designs, develops and provides advice on IT solutions and digital communication. Bouvet provides solutions which contribute to stable energy supply, a more efficient public sector, more secure banks, a richer media picture, better health, safety and the environment in the oil sector, reduced administration for transport undertakings and an improved customer experience in the retail sector. In Agder, the focus is on the public sector, industry and energy. Head of Bouvet Agder: Helene Tønnessen.

Norsk Havvind
Norsk Havvind is an independent project developer of offshore wind resources. A subsidiary of Valinor, a Norwegian family-owned company, Norsk Havvind have joined forces with TotalEnergies and Iberdrola to bid on licenses to develop offshore wind projects at Utsira Nord and Sørlige Nordsjø II in the Norwegian licensing round. Headquarters are in Kristiansand. CEO: Peder Sortland.

Star Information Systems
Star Information Systems has proudly served the maritime industry for more than 20 years, providing systems and software to meet the high demands of the shipping and offshore industries. Headquartered in Trondheim, Star also has offices in Oslo, Sandefjord, Denmark, Singapore, and Rio de Janeiro. General Manager in Norway: Bjørn Martin Klokkernes.

Focus Group
Focus Group is the parent company of Focus Engineering, Focus Construction and Focus Cable Equipment. The close cooperation between these companies creates synergies on many levels both in terms of quality and cost-efficiency. A main strength is the combination of engineering skills based on expertise and experience put to action in high-quality solutions and constructions. Headquarters are in Barkåker. CEO: Tore Bjørkås. Chairperson: Anne-Grete Ellingsen.

Dimension Four
Dimension Four is a part of New Normal Group, a group of technology optimists, entrepreneurs, and software industry insiders that believe humanity, through the use of innovation and technological advancements, will directly solve the world’s most pressing challenges. This has been built into the bedrock of Dimension Four, guiding its team across disciplines of IoT, finance, network infrastructure, hardware and embedded softwares, and startup companies. Headquarters are in Skien. CEO: Jon Endre Gjærum.

Subsea USB
Subsea USB is a subsidiary of WPC, which for the past 15 years has developed sophisticated SW algorithms that control all incidents that may occur during wireless power transmission. Subsea USB offers transfer of wireless data and power. Headquartered in Sandnes, Subsea USB also has an office in Kristiansand. CEO: Helge Sverre Eide. Chairperson: Thomas J.J. Meyer.

Seabed Solutions
Seabed Solutions builds subsea systems that get the job done, so offshore developers can create a future powered by green energy, without the risk of equipment breakdown. Headquarters are in Søgne (Kristiansand). CEO: Christian Aas.

Green Minerals
With the strong backing from its parent Green Energy Group, Green Minerals is a pioneer in offshore mining and a leader in marine minerals on the Norwegian continental shelf. Its mission is to deliver minerals for the green transition in a responsible and sustainable manner​. Headquarters are in Asker. CEO: Ståle Monstad.