Interact directly with eight of the biggest North Sea operators: Learn about their challenges and how you can assist in solving them.

Statoil, Aker BP and ConocoPhillips are among the operators you will meet at this major collaborative North Sea effort focusing on mature fields tail end value creation and field abandonment in Stavanger November 30th.

The North Sea is developing into a mature basin where tail end value creation has become a major challenge. The tail end production represents a huge challenge that will call for innovative solutions to enhance safety, minimize impact on the environment and create value for companies and governments.

At a joint NORWEP and ITF event supported by the UK Oil & Gas Authority and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, a number of UK and Norwegian operators will present challenges for this stage of oil and gas operations in the North Sea. Operators at the event include Statoil, Aker BP, Shell, Conoco Phillips, Repsol, Centrica and Point Resources.

After lunch there will be a unique opportunity to meet with the operators, in hackathon sessions between operators and their supply chain. The eight operators will be split up in company specific meeting rooms to host three 45 minutes interactive sessions where suppliers’ solutions to the operators’ challenges may be shared. Attendees may choose three operator sessions to attend. Each session will have an independent chairman to drive the discussion and capture the solutions.

After the Hackathon session, all attendees will gather for a plenary feedback session where the operators and chairmen will give a summary from their sessions. This will allow everyone to gain oversight of how each session went. A report will be prepared and shared with all attendees after the event.

Not all new ideas and solutions can be discussed openly so there are several networking opportunities throughout the day to speak directly with the operators.

Participants of GCE NODE are eligible for a discounted price of NOK 500.

Pending interest, GCE NODE will arrange joint bus transportation for attendees from Agder. Departure from Arendal at 17:00 on November 29th. Expected arrival time in Stavanger: 22.00, after stops in Kristiansand, Mandal, Lyngdal and Flekkefjord. Return after conclusion of meeting in Stavanger on November 30th.